Lipo Battery Safety Bag

Lipo Battery Safety Bag

The LiPo Safe.

This  hi-tech bag made of space-age materials that has the ability to contain a lithium polymer battery fire or charging mishap.

Place your lithium polymer battery inside the -LiPo Safe and extend the charging wires through the top flap.

Charge the lipo batteries when they’re in the LiPo Safe for peace of mind and greater safety.

In the case of a lithium polymer battery charging mishap, the LiPo Safe’s fire-resistant material mitigates the ferocity of the -LiPoly blaze inside and vents the smoke outside the LiPo Safe.

-The size of LiPo Safe:

18 x 22 cm

-The LiPo Safe is sealed with a thick, industrial strength, Velcro flap. The current LiPo Safe is designed to handle a lithium polymer battery mishap from 1 to 6 lipoly cells (1s to 6s).

-See how the LiPo Safe protects the environment around the LiPo Safe and mitigates the brunt of the explosions and fire inside the LiPo Safe. The smoke vents outside.

-Before using the LiPo Safe you must read and understand the LiPo Safe Safety Instructions. -We assume absolutely no liability for any damages of any kind - even with proper use. When using the LiPo Safe, you must always remember to abide by safe lithium polymer battery charging and safety rules and never leave charging li-polymer batteries unattended. Never leave damaged lipos unattended. Always use the LiPo Safe on a non-flammable surface and in a ventilated area. Avoid damage to the LiPo Safe and not use the LiPo Safe if it is damaged.

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