Shipping and Returns


Information on Ordering and Payments


1) You may place orders by using the "cart" feature of this site. This feature is typical of on all Internet shops whereby you would browse through the available items and select items for purchase.

2)-When you have a item displayed there is a button marked add to cart. You will see the items which have been selected on the right of your screen. Your cart contents are displayed after each selection and you can alter the quantity required or delete items which may have been incorrectly selected. Do press the update button for alterations to take place. If you wish to select more items press continue shopping.

3) When you have finished with your selection proceed to "checkout" , press the checkout button. Follow the step by step instructions which include a form to fill with your mailing details, choice of shipping -normal post or special delivery, and finally choice of payment.

UK Shipping
We send some  goods by Royal mail for delivery. We also use various post delivery companies which we deem the most cost effective to our customers

International Shipping
We can send goods to any part of the world, but sometimes the cost of post can be  prohibitive.
If you order items like motors, servos and other items which are small, then we can send goods by our postal service in UK - this is handled by Royal mail.  The cost is  between GBP £5.50 - £8.50.

The only problem is that there are size limits for goods sent by post in certain countries. Most commonly it is a maximum length of 600mm. This usually means that Model Kits cannot be sent by normal post and we have to use a courier or freight company.

This means that a shipment for a large Model Kit box will be GBP £22 - £35 based on the size of shipment. As the value of some of our models only costs this amount, it can be an expensive transaction.

Sometimes we can cut the box and make it smaller or we can repack it in smaller box, but if the smallest model part is more than 600mm this is not possible. If 3-4 kits are ordered together, then freight is more economic as they can be sent together as one package.

Therefore if you still wish to go ahead and order a kit to be sent to your country, please contact us first and we can get a quote by EMS,TNT, Fedex or UPS and e-mail to you.


We also accept

1) Credit or Debit cards by phone.

2) PayPal

3) Cheque or similar instrument of payment.

4) Call and give your card details


All goods are sent within 1 to 3 days of payment being received

If goods are out of stock we will contact you via e-mail with the delivery date and ask if you would like to keep the items on order or would prefer a full refund