JC Area51 engine

JC Area51 engine

JC Area 51 Petrol engine

Very good Quality petrol engine with a fully CNC billet crankcase very rigid to aid smoother running.

Engine Specification.


  • Engine type 2—Stroke gasoline engine.
  • Displacement(cylinder volume) 51cc
  • Bore × Stroke: 44mm × 35mm
  • Spark park plug: NGK BPMR6
  • Bearing: NSK 6003,6002
  • Carburetor: Walbro special-designing vacuum pump diaphragm type duplex needle carburetor
  • Max power 5.2hp/7200rpm
  • Practical running speed 1400 - 9000rpm
  • Net Weight 1700g (including CDI and muffler)
  • Ignition system CDI battery ignition (battery voltage: 4.8v—6v)
  •  Oil ratio 25-30:1 used during the break-in (the initial 2 working hours); 35-40:1 used after the break-in.
  • Please use Mineral oil for the running in period for best results
  • Propeller dimension  22 x 10 - 24 x 8
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